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Want to become an effective Communicator & Better Public Speaker 2021?

Every human being communicates, but there are only 5% people on this planet who not only communicate but also influence. Because these people have developed the skill of influence. These are the people when they talk, you feel motivated, you feel positive, you feel driven, you feel excited and get really energized after talking to them.

Welcome to “Communicate and Influence”, a communication and public speaking mentor-ship program facilitated by India’s renowned Mentor and Public Speaker Mr. Bachan Singh Gangtuwan is aimed at making individuals a confident and effective communicator.

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Course Content

1. Introduction – Why Public Speaking is the number one skill of 21st Century

Part 1 - Basic Understanding of Public Speaking

  • Types of Public Speaking
  • Types of Audience (5 Types of Listeners)

Part 2 - Mindset of a Powerful Public Speaker

  • How to overcome the Stage Fear
  • How to build your Confidence

Part 3 - Skillset of a Powerful Public Speaker

  • How to write your speech (Ethos Pathos Logos)
  • How to prepare your speech (Golden Rule of PPP (Prepare Practice Perform)
  • How to deliver your speech

Part 4 – Three Secrets of becoming a Powerful Public Speaker

  • The Power of SWSWSW
  • The Power of DARE in Public Speaking
  • Choose a Mentor

Launch Yourself as a Professional Public Speaker

Finalise the niche / Prepare one topic / Practice with Personal Circle / Three Months free content and 6 Speeches formula / Remember SWSWSWSW / Repeat DARE for a year / Finally You are already expert now

About The Mentor

Hello, Hope you are doing great!

I help people to become an effective communicator and better public speaker.

Bachan Singh Gangtuwan is a Public Speaking Mentor, Public Speaker, Author of the book “You can’t Reject Me” and MBA in International Business and Marketing from Cosmic Business School, New Delhi, India.

In past one decade, He have had the privilege to work with more than 4 brands ( Benq, Apple, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss ) and helped more than 50,000 students, parents, teachers and professionals from different cultural background through my seminars and training programs to transform them into an effective  communicator and better public speaker.

He believes that every human being can turn into an incredible pioneer. He is continuously working to magnify people potential where each individual can achieve their maximum potential regardless of their different cultural, social and economic background. This freedom of mankind can be accomplished only if we practice the communication of humanity and leadership.


Communicate and Influence because your opinion matters

Become an effective communicator and powerful speaker because your opinion matters

Why you must invest your time, energy and money to learn communication and public speaking skills

Effective communication and public speaking skill is the number one skill of 21st century.

Language and Communication is the greatest gift which human being have and if we don’t learn how to communicate effectively we are missing the biggest opportunity on this planet in 21st century. And it’s the opportunity of creating legacy and fortune for ourselves. All the achievers, great leaders have been great communicators. The time is gone when our communication was limited to families and friends. Entire world has become a global village today. Our ability to communicate effectively with others has a direct connection with the quality of our life.

So, I invite the students, parents, teachers and professionals to join “Communicate and Influence” Communication and Public Speaking Course and magnify your communication and public speaking skills.

Learn Science of Communication

Learn the real meaning of communication. Why do we communicate ?

Types of communicators

You will learn different types of communicators and how they influence others

How to Influence Others

You will learn the different techniques to influence others - You will learn how to speak with confidence , build RAPPORT and impact others.

Learn the secret of becoming a powerful public speaker

You will learn the skills and strategies to become a powerful public speaker

Invest in yourself - Learn at your own pace

Join our Bestseller Course

"Communicate and Influence"

Become an effective communicator and powerful public speaker in 2021

Communicate and influence - because your opinion matters

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